TimedExecute для Hurtworld

Самый обыкновенный плагин, однако его устанавливают в первую очередь! Он нужен для автоматического выполнения команд через (x) секунд на сервере Hurtworld.

NOTE(CONFIG): For the TimerOnce configuration always at the end u must execute the command(Only if you want to start again from the top to the bottom of the TimerOnce chain “reset.oncetimer” ALSO remember that this TIMER IS WORKING UNTIL THE RESET COMMAND.

NOTE2: You can see in my config the command (for the TimerOnce) will get executed after 60 seconds so the second command will get executed after 60 seconds too! (60+60=120) this timer is a chain so u have to add an additional seconds for the second command!

NOTE(RealTime-Timer): The time MUST look like “HH:mm:ss” ex. “18:30:00”.

Стандартный вид настроек:

  "EnabledRealTime-Timer": true,
  "EnableTimerOnce": true,
  "EnableTimerRepeat": true,
  "RealTime-Timer": {
    "16:00:00": "adminmessage 'The gate for the event is open!'",
    "16:00:10": "settime 10",
    "16:30:00": "adminmessage 'The gate for the event just closed'",
    "17:00:00": "adminmessage 'Restart in 1 HOUR'",
    "18:00:00": "adminmessage 'The server is restarting NOW.'"
  "TimerOnce": {
    "adminmessage 'Dont forget to like our fanpage!'": 60,
    "adminmessage 'Follow us on Twitter!'": 120,
    "adminmessage 'You can donate via PayPal!'": 180
  "TimerRepeat": {
    "saveserver": 300

Скачать TimedExecute:
VK hurtworld 2